Product Reviews

Magic Marine Gloves

We recently started using Magic Marine Gloves and really are impressed. We had been using the Zhik rubber glove however while effective we needed to cut the ends off and then found they did not last long. We have used other types as well yet find the Magic Marine velcro to last longer than the competitors and the fit to be more comfortable than some more expensive brands.

Rooster Laser Main Sheet

Laser main sheets have been painful since the boat was designed and they seemed to tangle easily. However the Rooster main sheet does a great job at tangling a lot less than other main sheets we have tried. It is thinner than the standard main sheet which allows it to run easily however some may find it a bit small for big air days. Even though the Rooster is good we still recommend washing well in fresh water and also stretching out the main sheet before the days racing.

New Ronstan Watch Range

We are currently testing the new range of watches from Ronstan. There is a new Ronstan Clear Start which is one of the most popular watches used by racers globally and some new dress watches in a some very cool colours that can be worn as a dress watch or be used as an effective sailing watch. For all the details and images on the new range go to


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