1 July 2011

Queensland Youth Week Kicks Off

The invitation “fun race” was held in 15 -17 knot winds at RQYS today as the 240 boats arrived and rigged and went for their first […]
7 July 2011

Queensland Youth Week 2011

Queensland Youth Week had it all. Great weather, light air days, medium air days and a final day of winds up to 30 knots. So there […]
9 July 2011


The Contender is a 5 metre dinghy that is exciting to sail with a trapeze and large sail mainsail. Designed by Australia 11 designer Ben Lexcen […]
13 July 2011

Australian Laser Master 2011 Port Stephens

Up at beautiful Port Stephens the Australian Laser Masters have seen just under 190 boats for their first ever Nationals away from the Open fleet. It […]