10 April 2009

Pacers Rule

Well the time has come for us to stop borrowing club Pacers and get our own. The Pacer is quite an amazing yacht. Not in speed […]
10 April 2009

Sarah Blanck Coaching Rocks

Ben attended dual Olympian Sarah Blanck’s junior coaching program at Sandringham Yacht Club. Sarah took care of the kids who were intermediate to advanced sailors. The […]
31 December 2008

Tasar Nationals Update

Well the measuring is over, they hype is done with and the 2008/09 Tasar Nationals are started with just under 70 competitors. This would have to […]
4 January 2009

Sway Wins Tasar Nationals

The 2008 Tasar Australian Championships concluded with a light to medium race. The only of the ten race series as it turned out. Once again it […]