Sailing – Whats Happening in our Sport?

At Sailing Shack we own and sail dinghies and keelboats and have also raced catamarans and dare I say it power boats in the form of RIB’s for coaching and cruising. Sailing is a sport that can start at any age and finish at any age. You can always come back to it with success also. However it is a sport also going through change as are most sports and businesses. What is surprising is the lack of data and information on the sport of sailing and even simple things like where sailors like to shop, what web sites they browse (related to sailing!) and where they get their advice. In the coming weeks Sailing Shack will conduct its first online survey of Australian sailing habits. We will have prizes of course but we are genuinely interested in what you think and what you do related to sailing. One more anecdote prompted it. This was when a sailing industry provider was told by a yacht chandlery not to worry about customers as that was his job and to stop innovating and stick to one or two products as this upset the layout of his shop. Sad but true. But I wonder do we buy from chandleries or do you buy online now? Or do you buy from the Regatta vans when attending a regatta? I don’t know but I and many others I am sure would like to know this and more. Stay tuned and keep a look out on our Facebook page and other social pages when we announce the survey.