Jeremy O’Connell crowd funding to raise money to sail in Europe and chase Olympic dream

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11 June 2013
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13 March 2013
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Jeremy O’Connell crowd funding to raise money to sail in Europe and chase Olympic dream

Sandringham Yacht Club’s Jeremy O’Connell is chasing his dream of representing Australia at the Olympics in Sailing, and is heading to Europe this year to train and compete against the world’s best sailors, but he needs a boat to be able to compete, and a car to transport his boat.

O’Connell plans to compete in four regattas over three months in Europe this season in the lead up to his main event – the Under 21 Laser Standard World Championships in Hungary.
To raise the $8,000 required to purchase a Laser boat, hire a car and cover accommodation costs the 20-year-old has turned to Team Bus, Australia’s sport crowdfunding website.
O’Connell is the first Australian sailor to crowdfund his sporting dream, using the same fundraising tool that has become commonly used by filmmakers, artists and inventors to raise billions of dollars globally.
“I have decided to turn to crowdfunding because I need to call on my sponsors, friends and family and the broader community to help me chase my Olympic dream,” said O’Connell.

“I hope to give back to my supporters not just by doing them proud in Europe, but also by providing them with value for their donations.”

Crowdfunding differs to normal donation campaigns because every donor receives something in return for their contribution.

Donors to O’Connell’s campaign can select rewards including sailing lessons, souvenirs from his trip to Europe, sponsorship packages and public speaking appearances.

To find out more about O’Connell’s crowdfunding campaign, visit

Further information:
● Video of Jeremy O’Connell Sailing:
● Jeremy O’Connell website
● About Team Bus:

Martin Cox- Team Bus
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