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10 Tips on Selling Your Yacht
Posted on: December 23rd, 2012 by sailingshack No Comments

If you are looking at selling you yacht, racing dinghy one design then we would recommend a few tips that we have found work after buying and selling many yachts and also seeing many successfully sell on Sailing Shack. Here they are:
1. Always include photographs of the boat not sailing. Ensure you clean and polish the boat and its trailer and dolly before photographing
2. If your class of boat is known for some faults and yours is perfect photograph this area (such as gunwhales on a Laser)
3. Ensure you list the sail number, hull number and trailer reg number
4. Ensure you include the boat name or previous name if the boat has a successful race record
5.Consider not selling all the sails and spare gear as often this can put the price too high. Think about selling these items at another time. It can benefit you and other buyers.
6. Keep the price realistic if you want to move the boat in a reasonable time. I have seen some boats on the market for 12 months simply because the owner is unrealistic. Boats are not houses!
7. Let people know you are negotiable on price if you are.
8. Let people know you are willing to supply additional pics if needed. This can often make the phone ring
9. Provide contact details that work. That is phone numbers and email addresses that work
10. Consider promoting your boat ad via Social Media (we offer this on Sailing Shack).
Finally if you want some advice on what price you should ask for please contact us at Sailing Shack and we would be happy to assist.

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