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8 September 2011
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The Tasar is another flyer from the Bethwaite team and it carries two crew. By design, the Tasar does not carry a trapeze or spinnaker but does have an easy to use rotating mast. Nonetheless the Tasar offers creditable performance when compared to other two-person dinghies such as the Fireball. The Tasar under went a change when they moved from Dacron to Mylar sails. This gave the boat a much needed appearance lift however additional sail area was added making the boat more difficult to compete successfully in big winds for light crews. Ideal crew weight for the Tasar is 135-148Kg combined weight. The Tasar is a strictly controlled one-design class that is sailed all round the world, but particularly in Australia, North America, Japan and the UK and regular world championships are held..

Tasar Class Specifications

Overall Length 4.52 m.

Length at Waterline 4.27 m.

Beam 1.75 m.

Weight 68 kg.


Hull – GRP foam sandwich

Spars – Hollow Aluminium

Sail Area

Mainsail 8.36 sq. m.

Jib 3.07 sq. m.

Racing Crew Two

Crew Weight Min. 130 kg.

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