8 September 2011
8 September 2011
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The Sabre is a single handed dinghy, suitable for people ranging in age from early teens upwards into the late seventies. The Sabre was designed by Minnow designer Rex Fettell and today is one of Australia’s most popular single handed dinghies. While not international it does have a strong following in most states although Victoria and South Australia make up most of the fleets. The state championships and nationals typically have fleets approaching 100 boats. The Sabre is best sailed competitively by those weighing less than 78kg with 70 -72kg being optimum however in a strong winds you can wind at 85kg. Boats can be home built or built professionally in fibreglass or a combination of both although the top end of the fleet is dominated by the new fibreglass boats. The Sabre is an easy boat to sail and can be bought quite reasonably.

Sabre Specifications

Length 3.77 m.

Beam 1.47 m.

Min. Weight 41 kg.


Centreboard Down 0.76 m.

Hull Depth 0.48 m.

Sail Area 6.4 sq. m.

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