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The Mosquito is a 4.9m racing catamaran, which consistently wins regattas throughout Australia. The flexible design of the class means that it can be sailed either two up or single-handed. Its lightweight and efficient hull design, coupled with a fully adjustable sail shape, provide sparkling performance over a broad range of wind conditions.

The Mosquito can be sailed in two configurations. Cat rigged, with one person (Mark I) or, alternatively sloop rigged with two people (Mark II). Later versions now include single handed with trapeze and assy spinnaker.

Mosquito Class Specifications

Overall length 4.9 m.

Beat 2.18 m.

Mast 7.3 m.

Unrigged Weight 55 kg.

Sail Area (Mk. I) 12.5 sq. m.

Sail Area (Mk. II) 14.9 sq. m.

Crew One or Two

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