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13 November 2008
8 September 2011
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The Laser SB3 is a one design class designed by Tony Castro and launched in 2002.

It is an open lift keel sportsboat and is designed for racing with a crew of up to 4 whose maximum weight must not exceed 270 kg. With a high aspect ratio keel with a very high ballast ratio the yacht is very stable, but also quite fast due to the substantial sail area. The SB3 is unique in that it does not allow hiking, using a small stainless steel bar to prevent hiking by the crew, this allows competitive crews of all shapes, sizes and ages.

The majority of boats are located in the United Kingdom,Ireland, Portugal, Singapore and Italy. In Australia there is now a strong fleet with sailors such as Nathan Outteridge, Glenn Bourke, Tom Slingsby, Ian Brown, Mathew Belcher and Nick Rogers all having raced or racing the SB3. with the 2011 World Championships having over 100 boats and the 2012 Worlds coming to Australia this is a class to watch.

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