8 September 2011
8 September 2011
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The Laser Radial is generally sailed and raced by lighter weight sailors and is usually the choice of women Laser sailors. Men typically sail the Laser Standard which has a larger sail. The only difference between the Laser Standard and Laser Radial is the size of the sail and the length of the lower section of the mast. Everything else is the same and very tightly specified and controlled by the International Class Association to ensure competitive racing in identical boats. Lasers are single person dinghies. Most larger regattas for the Laser class will generally have separate races for the Laser Standard, Laser Radial and Laser 4.7.

The Laser Radial uses the same top section of the mast as the Laser Standard but uses a smaller bottom mast section. The sail itself is 62 square feet (5.8 m2), about 18% smaller than the full Laser Standard rig.

The des Preferred weight for sailing a Radial is 65-75kg.

Laser Class Specifications

Overall Length 4.23 m.

Length at Waterline 3.81 m.

Beam 1.37 m.

Draft 0.14 m.

Displacement 56.7 kg.

Construction GRP

Sail Area 7.1 sq. m.

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