8 September 2011
7 September 2011
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With over 3700 boats built, the Flying Fifteen is the largest keel boat class in the world.

This 15′ water line, 20′ overall 2 person keel boat represents some of the best that sailing has to offer.

Weighing in at little over 300kg the planing hull fixed keel design is attractive to the performance enthusiast and novice alike.

Capable of 14 knots plus off the wind in flat water with no trapeze to worry about, few if any boats in its category can match its ultimate performance. An efficient rig and fine entry also provide for good performance and exhilarating competition upwind.

This combined with a boat that has the stability and safety of a fixed keel together with the practicalities that come from being trailerable, makes for a unique combination. There are good fleets around Australia both in metro and regional areas. With a boat designed by Prince Charles’ sailing coach Uffa Fox, what could be wrong!

Flying 15 Specifications

Overall Length 6.1 m.

Length at Waterline 4.6 m.

Beam 1.5 m.

Draft 0.8 m.

Mast Height 6.86 m.

Hull Weight 136 kg.

Construction Varies

Sail Area 15 sq. m.

Racing Crew 2

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