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Albert SC Winter Regatta June 2010
23 June 2010
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15 November 2009
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Classifieds- Sold!

Wicked Child Laser 4.7 Ben Hartnett Sailing Shack Racing

Changes at the Sailing Shack Team saw the Pacer “Banana Split” and Optimist “Terminator 2 (T2)” put on the market and snapped after just five days. We are excited to announce that “Banana Split” has gone to Greg Parsons from Williamstown Yacht Club and Optimist AUS 584 “T2” has gone to the family of Laser sailor of Monica Tonner from Sandringham Yacht Club. We wish them both the best of luck on the water.

At Team Sailing Shack Ben Hartnett steps up to Laser 4.7 class sailing the boat “Wicked Child” and Finn Hartnett has taken over the McLaughlin Optmist 506 “Coyote”. We also welcome to the Sailing Shack team new racer Lachie Hartnett in his Optimist “Optimist Prime”.

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