Pimp My Ball – The Fireball Project

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13 September 2009
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12 March 2009
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Pimp My Ball – The Fireball Project

The Fireball was advertised as being in fair condition on a great trailer. I had seen the Yachts and Yachting special called Pimp My Boat where they totally transformed an old Fireball. Also my father and number of hero sailors of mine growing up sailed Fireballs and I always thought they had a great look. So there it was. Hardly any paint left on the deck, no pole, no harness and gear from circa 1975. However it did have a Bruce Keir builders badge and a Martini shute. It grabbed my attention almost. First I walked as it looked like too much work. But a week later it was in my garage. All the fittings are off and the project is underway. Funny thing, when I picked up the boat and was about to drive away the old owner ran out and gave me a full length cover. Why hadn’t he covered the boat with it for the last ten years! Anyway back to sanding.


  1. John Crismanich says:

    I also have a Bruce Keir fireball that I am getting back in the water for summer ……the sails are at the place I bought it from as is the mast….will let you know sail number
    Estimate built about same time as yours

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