Sway Wins Tasar Nationals

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20 January 2009
Tasar Nationals Update
31 December 2008
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Sway Wins Tasar Nationals

Coolit 2nd overall followed by Sway 1st overall

Coolit 2nd followed by Sway pic Nicole Douglas

The 2008 Tasar Australian Championships concluded with a light to medium race. The only of the ten race series as it turned out. Once again it shows the cream rises to the top with familiar faces from the heavy days coming out strong in the light. However the conditions did not suit everyone and some people dropped places and others gained. Luckily we were on the upside. The black flag caught out about 8 on the second start however on the third start we were all away. Early leaders were Fireball guru’s and Tasar sailors Chris Payne and Heather McFarlane. We rounded in 9th but some weed on the rudder hurt us badly on the first reach. However at the end of the race Chris Darby took the gun followed by the ever present Rob Douglas. We recovered to finish 9th in this race and score 25th overall which we were rapt with given the conditions all week.
Overall Shane Guanaria won in Sway (his second national win after winning the Sydney 38’S) with Rob Douglas second and the very fast David and Doris Bretherton in a brand new boat Edge Off. See full results at www.tasar.com.au

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