Are you a Racer?

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10 April 2008
TP 52 or a House
12 December 2008
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Are you a Racer?

How do you know if you are a sailboat racer – well here’s a test

1. When you sail you race or practice, but never cruise

2. When you are at work or school you look out of windows and wonder what direction the breeze is

3. To some people you seem to know a foreign language and say things like 49er, 29er, Radial, TP52, Assy, Carbon, Ronstan, Harken, Karver, Orbit, bulb, canting, tack tik, Zhik & Mumm

4. If your forced out on a cruising yacht within 15 minutes your on the helm calling trim, hike harder and weight aft

5. You spend more on overseas sailing magazines per month than on your partner

6. At roundabouts in your car you try and claim an overlap

How did you go? Yeah we know who you are.

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